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Securing a legitimate second and even a third alternative income is now much more important than ever. In fact, Investment in an alternative and reliable income stream is the wisest way of making financial progress in times of uncertainty.

Never depend on a single income, make investment with a reliable company to create a second source.

We have improved lives and earned the trust of our investors over the years. We make bold to say we cannot disappoint you.

Welcome to Darolls! Your preferred investment partner.

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  • DSI Office, Oju'rin, Bodija, Ibadan.
  • DSI Office (Real Estate Division) Suite B4, Josbeed Plaza, Ashi, Ibadan.

Get up to
10% returns on your Investment
in Just 30 days.

Executive Summary

Partner with Darolls

Darolls Nig. Ltd has achieved levels of success over the years. We started with a small office at No 6, Blue gate Avenue, Oluyole Estate, Ibadan. And now we have three different offices, warehouses (for storage of cement), vocational training centre and some real estate facilities. We registered with the corporate affairs commission in April, 2010 (RC 884812). Currently, Darolls is a mega distributor of Dangote Cement Nationwide (code: 1018954) and also a major player in the real estate sector.

This is a good time for Dangote Cement. Why? Because of the rain! Dangote cement dries faster than other cement and it's the preferred choice for most builders/engineers. We make averagely 14.6% - 18.4% returns on investments from our cement distribution operations. And for this reason, we are looking for successful company/individuals with the understanding and appreciation of how the power of partnership improves the capacity and operations of a business entity; as veritable partners. We hope to see those qualities in you and we invite you to join Darolls in our mission.

Apart from distributing Dangote Cement and building real estates, we also have Darolls Media where we create caller tunes for artistes, religious organizations, corporate bodies etc. This is a goldmine for our company because we make money per second (on various downloads) with caller tunes. To know more about Darolls caller tunes, please visit:


To establish our organization as the preferred marketing company within our market space, by establishing and building relationships with our staff, business providers and community. To provide systems, tools and services for our staff and members to enhance their personality and careers and help them achieve the highest degree of success in their business and personal lives.


As a partner/investor, you are entitled to 10% interest on your investment on a monthly basis (for the next 6 months) and at the end of the year, we shall pay you extra bonuses from our profits.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our purpose is not only to make profits and make investors smile, we also believe in giving back to the society. And as a way to reduce poverty and unemployment in Nigeria, we established DSI (Darolls Support Initiative). At DSI, we train people on how to acquire various skills and be self-dependent. We train people on how to become successful Dangote Cement Marketer/Distributor. We also do training on how to become successful Real Estate Manager. All these trainings are FREE. And through DSI, we have partnered with some Federal and State Government Parastatals to train Civil/Public Servants, artisans, employed and unemployed youths on various skills (pictures and documents for proof can be sent on request).


We've been here for over 7 years, and there is no scandal to our name. We ensure we don't lose investors' money, and this has enamored our numerous investors.

Please note that the moment you invest with us, you shall receive a certificate of investment from our company and a corporate postdated cheque of invested amount. This is to secure your investment!

We promise you value, security and steady returns, as we look forward to an investment from you. Our joint venture initiative, invariably will further help fulfil our mutual mission of expanding the coasts of our revenue streams.


Lanre Omole
Managing Partner
Darolls Nig. Ltd
+234 708 149 0286

Dear Prospective Investor

Invest with Darolls and
get up to 10% returns
on your Investment
every 30days.

We bring that smile to you and of course we can't smile without your smile. Over 7 years now Darolls has been keeping to its promise and we thank our esteem customers and partners. Darolls Nigeria Ltd is a major player in the real estate sector and also a mega distributor of Dangote Cement with code 1018954. Watch our Video.

You might have heard about lots of investment online which turned out to be scam...we urge you to be careful! Ours is not a donation platform, neither can you make overnight wealth with us. We are a REAL business entity and you can make reasonable returns on your investment (ROI) with us. We are offering a 10%, 7% and 5% monthly interest on Investments.

Please note that the moment you invest with us, you shall receive a certificate of investment from our company. This is to secure your investment!

It's a big opportunity for you to become our partner in Real Estate and Dangote Cement Business! Let your money work for you. Invest with Darolls today! We appreciate you for your trust and for the good choice, we promise the same to meet all your expectations!

Minimum investment₦100,000.
Please call+234 816 073 6602, +234 814 947 3289
Watsapp+234 708 149 0286
Darolls...your preferred business partner.

Lanre Omole,
Managing Partner
Darolls Nig. Ltd

Terms & Conditions

  1. One month notice in lieu of termination of Investments must be given to us at Darolls Nig. Ltd.
  2. The minimum duration for placements shall not be less than three (3) months.
  3. Termination of placements before the due date will forfeit all the interest and this is subject to management approval.
If you have any question please contact us.
+234 706 236 6324, +234 816 073 6602


Darolls Nigeria Ltd is an indigenous company registered with the corporate affairs commission (RC 884812) in 2010. Darolls is a major player in the real estate sector and a mega distributor of Dangote Cement (code no: 1018954). We have also empowered thousands of Nigerians with various skills and have helped to support SMEs with funds provided by our financial partners and the skills set we retain.

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1 oyebukola abayomi 09034348587 ₦300000
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2 KEHINDE ARIYIBI-IKULALA 08066711939 ₦1200000
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3 APANISHILE JACOB +2347030404666 ₦500000
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4 Oluwatayo .S Fasakin 08035916211 ₦100,000
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5 Abdulrahaman Bello Suleiman Elakama 08034443097 ₦100000
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6 Olanike Olasoji 08034894468 ₦1000000
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7 SHERIFAT LAWAL 08099333232,080 ₦100000
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8 Ife Owolabi 08072799733 ₦100000
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9 ADENIKE ANIYI 08062153008 ₦500000
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10 olaniyi osikoya 09057285592 ₦500000
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11 Mesole Emmanuel 08108227747 ₦100000
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12 OLUFEMI MICHEAL OLASEHINDE 08033999521 ₦2500000
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13 WILLIAM AKINLADE 08032074929 ₦500000
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14 IFEANYI OKAFOR 08093567091 ₦100000
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15 Ololade Periola 08068420924 ₦100000
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16 Olisaemeka Ofomah 08064383854 ₦600000
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17 ABIODUN BODE SAMUEL 08098989782, 08 ₦145000
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18 Abiodun Michael 08023942313 ₦100000
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19 Olufunke Sode 08066753511 ₦5000000
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20 Abiodun Michael 08023942313 ₦200000
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