Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a referral plan?

Yes, we do, in form of referral bonuses.

What are referral bonuses?

Referral bonuses refers to a percentage earned when someone refer becomes an investor. The current percentage is 2.5% on the investor’s first investment.

How do I get a referral bonus?

To earn a referral bonuses, send a mail with the details of the investor. Once this is confirmed, the referral will be contacted, after which the bonus will be paid. *

How long does it take to liquidate an investment?

There is a window period between the last ROI payment date and the date for liquidation. Investment made between the 11th and 25th of the month will be paid on the 1st of the next month while investment made between the 26th and the 10th of the month will be paid on the next 15th. However, if the due date falls on a weekend/public holiday, payment will be made on the next working day. *

Can I cash out to re-invest?

No. We advise instead that you activate the capital re-invest button on your dashboard.

Can I get a hard copy certificate?

No, you cannot. Electronic copies will be sent to the registered email address.

What is my money used for?

Invested funds are majorly directed to the buying, selling and distribution of Dangote cement nationwide.

Can I know your investors/managers?

No, you cannot. Details of all investors and investment managers are highly confidential.

Can I roll-over my monthly returns?

No, you cannot roll over your monthly returns.

Can I cash out my money before it expires?

No, you cannot liquidate your investment until the end of your specified investment duration.

Can I invest on behalf of others?

No, you cannot.

Can I get my money after the tenure expires?

Yes you can. Please send a mail to this effect on the day you receive your last returns on investement

Can I call on behalf of my referrals?

No, you cannot. Investment details will not be discussed with third-parties.

When can I call to make enquiries?

You can call +234 706 236 6324 and +234 905 843 2343 between the hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, to make enquiries. Please note that enquiries will not be attended to during weekends/public holidays until the next working day.

Your numbers are not going through, please help.

In the event that you cannot contact us via the above listed numbers, please send a mail to

What is the acceptable mode of payment?

You can make your payment via cash deposits or mobile app transfers. Please ensure that the mode you opt for will show your full name as it is on our website. We will not accept payments made via ATMs, USSD, NIP, or 3rd party accounts.

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